Sounds of the Church of Latter-Day Saints

The Sound and Religion project covers many different religions including the Church of Latter-Day Saints, reflected upon in this article. The Church of Latter-Day Saints was different from my past experiences; therefore, much was learned. I found that sound, in general, is a large factor when it comes to any religious service, but musical sounds are not as big of a factor as I had originally anticipated. For example, there is sound derived from the words that the Bishop used, but there does not necessarily need to be sound in order to learn about the religion. It can be taught through the readings of the scriptures. With sound being such an important aspect of learning and living, would church attendees be able to take away and grasp the same concepts from the Bishop without sound?

During my visits’, I experienced that sound was an important aspect within the Church of Latter-Day Saints, not only from how the Bishop spoke but also in the hymns that were sung. During the service, there were a few occasions where the whole congregation sang together, and it brought a sense of family and connection to everyone around. The hymns also offered a respite from the in-depth concepts the Bishop was addressing. These hymns that were sung during the service seemed to give people time to think and realize, or meditate, on being part of something bigger, such as the religious family.

During a weekday visit, without a formal service, I was able to analyze the building and listen to the echoes from voices down the hall. The first two things I noticed were the attributes of the building and how empty it was without all of the heads from Sunday service. The physical attributes of the Church are exquisite as the architecture helps the sound echo and reverberate off of the different walls, leaving the audience captivated by the sound around them during service. This leads me to start thinking about the architecture of the building and whether or not it is a vital role when worshiping or whilst influencing others to take part in a service. If this is true about the architecture, are our classrooms on campus built the same way?

I learned so much from attending the Church of the LDS. There are still many unanswered questions that I have regarding this religion and plan to research more to fulfill these questions, but I am pleased with my discoveries about this religious practice with sound. Sound is not strictly defined because sound can be any noise whether we can hear it with our ears or not. The Church of Latter-Day Saints uses sound in many ways. One of the main ways is listening to what the Bishop was teaching to learn with the use of sound. With sound being focused on what the Bishop had to teach, it leads me to believe this helps bring the church together to worship as one large family.


By Cameron Fults

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