Appreciation for the familiar

Much different from my Hindu experience of personal expansion, the Christian faith is founded off of fellowship amongst strangers becoming a “family” under the roof of the same established church, expanding the word of God to all. Sound is a vital aspect towards involvement of communities, and I believe that in religious settings sound should be one of the most important aspects, at First Baptist Church of Norman, a modern take on Christianity is thoroughly explored through the use of instrumentation in the ensemble that helps lead worship every Sunday.

Consisting of a full orchestra, rhythm section, organ, and choir ranging from bass to soprano, contemporary Christian music and Hymn are performed for an audience of people who have been attending service at this church for the past five years. First Baptist Church of Norman gladly accepts new people in their church every week and makes sure to appreciate any new attendees. I was able to talk with new people in the church after the service and their family was thoroughly surprised by the music being played by the ensemble. Not once have I nor other people part of the church seen such a large gathering of differently aged musicians cooperate in the process of worship and serving other’s spiritual needs.

The involvement of instruments creating a massive sound of religious music really helps encourage a regular attendance amongst the audience and since there is such a vast choice of instrumentation, parents believe that their children are learning good discipline habits in such an environment. Such an uplifting environment creates the opportunity to preach the word of God to the people who are openly accepting to receive such guidance. This also gives musicians a great opportunity to be able to collaborate with people in Oklahoma spanning across Norman, Oklahoma City, and Edmond, establishing connections and appreciation of musicality amongst one another.

The Sound of First Baptist Church of Norman is much more than just the sound made by the musicians during the service. I strongly believe that it is the sound that resonates through interactions with others that were gained during the exchange of music for representation of pride in one’s faith. The music performed was powerful and thoroughly enjoyable. Being able to enjoy a religious service based on every variable being well rehearsed and well voiced says a lot about how an establishment thoroughly thought about the delivery of their overall message.

By Calogero Miceli

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