This project is a team effort. You can’t build a bridge without others to help you get across. Here is the list of assignments we all participated in, so that you can see the work and structure we took to get this project on it’s feet!


Thanks for stopping by– email our Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Jake Johnson with any questions!



Dr. Johnson –


Project Manager – Oversees all major components of the publication workshop; sets deadlines and ensures they are met; mediates conflict as it arises.

Chris Benham –


Project Editor – Point person for facilitating conversation and discussion surrounding the successful implementation for the project; will work with authors to establish goals and deadlines for smaller tasks throughout the semester.

Nayely Vargas Ramos –


Content Managers – Will work with Web Designer to upload material to the blog and will work closely with Copyeditors to create a standard language, style, etc. for all entries; will also work with Media Editor to ensure audio/video files are standardized.

Kasey Presley –

Cameron Fults –

Collin Pollitt –


Web Designer – Responsible for designing and implementing the blog; will work closely with Content Managers in uploading and editing material online.

Tessa McQueen –


Media Editor – Tasked with establishing and maintaining a standard for all audio/video/image components of the blog.

Brayden Stonecipher –


Copyeditors – Responsible for providing authors with helpful feedback on entries and uphold standardized style features (language, size, position, etc.).

Megan Dixon –

Libby White –

Jeremiah Rupp –


Marketing – Responsible for finding common themes among each blog entry, tagging them, and working with the Web Designer to make those themes easily accessible. Responsible also for developing marketing materials around campus.

Chazz Miceli –

Kayleigh Wallace –