Canadian Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church {Yukon, Oklahoma}

The Canadian Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church in Yukon, Oklahoma is located off of a very rural intersection and if you did not know what you were looking for you’d never recognize it. It is a very humble building which I feel is a perfect representation of the people that attend this church. This church … Continue reading  Canadian Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church {Yukon, Oklahoma}

If I sit still, maybe I’ll get out of here

Involvement of the senses are vital for experiences involving the presence of higher deities due to the personal importance we acquire from a completely involved perception of a certain happening. Religion is a perfect example of how people are able to open oneself to beliefs instilling acts of goodwill and strong faith in individual connection … Continue reading If I sit still, maybe I’ll get out of here

Appreciation for the familiar

Much different from my Hindu experience of personal expansion, the Christian faith is founded off of fellowship amongst strangers becoming a “family” under the roof of the same established church, expanding the word of God to all. Sound is a vital aspect towards involvement of communities, and I believe that in religious settings sound should … Continue reading Appreciation for the familiar

Parental Advisory advised for peace

First Baptist Church of Norman, though a very uplifting place in itself, gets criticized by outside parties and has trouble with separating religious mentalities and political affiliations amongst surrounding communities. Most arising problems of the church are focused on whether abortion laws are either pro-choice or pro-life, a political stance that I believe should not … Continue reading Parental Advisory advised for peace

The Practice of Feeling Transformation

Hindus believe that one should seek for their “dharma,” or their life’s inner calling for service to others. The Hindu texts speak of different characters pursuing their dharma through different class distinctions such as  priests, warriors, merchants, land owners, etc. But how does one pursue their dharma? I went to the Nithyanandeshwara Vedic Temple of … Continue reading The Practice of Feeling Transformation

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

At St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, the Gloria Patri ( is a short hymn sung by the congregation. The hymn itself is less than a minute long, and the hymn occurs after the formal greeting from one of the pastors, but before church announcements and the offering. Because the Gloria Patri occurs early in the … Continue reading St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

Christ’s Legacy Church {Yukon, OK}

Christ’s Legacy Church in Yukon, Oklahoma is a Christian church that serves the populations of Yukon and Oklahoma City. I attended a fall festival and a regular Sunday service over a period of two weeks. The first event I attended, was an outdoor event with a few hundred adults and children in attendance. There were … Continue reading Christ’s Legacy Church {Yukon, OK}

Sounds of Stratford Free Will Baptist

Stratford Free Will Baptist is a small church with only about 200 members in their congregation.  The service here is very traditional, however the worship music combines both traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs.  Their worship team consists of a guitarist, bassist, keyboard player, drummer and a group of about 5 singers.  They use the … Continue reading Sounds of Stratford Free Will Baptist

Sounds of the Seventh Day Adventist’s

The Seventh Day Adventist (  church that I observed had a loose service structure and informal speakers. I observed multiple services and this was true for all of them. As a guest, it made the interactions in the church feel more intimate. The two different settings I would like to focus on are the main … Continue reading Sounds of the Seventh Day Adventist’s

Temple B’nai: Brotherhood Shabbat

Aside from Lunch with the Rabbi, I also attended Brotherhood Shabbat. Brotherhood Shabbat is like most other Shabbat, but with Temple B'nai's Brotherhood performing the service and reading the Torah rather than the Rabbi. There is also more music, or more upbeat music played during this service than other Shabbat services. When I first contacted … Continue reading Temple B’nai: Brotherhood Shabbat